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how to get the most out of students and poster sessions


Loved the meeting this year, thanks so much for inviting me!  Over the past few years I've been playing with ways to get students to be more of a presence in the meetings I run.  Two ideas that have worked for me could work here as well.  The first is to add in lightning talks for certain students to highlight their posters.  One slide, 3 minutes.  Encourage them to be creative and fun 🙂

Second is to schedule poster sessions during the coffee breaks, this is *really* useful actually.  You do talks for 60-90 minutes, then an hour of poster session with the coffee there, then more talks.  With a bunch of talks in a row, even with breaks, people get really tired - but if you give them a full hour to talk over posters, standing up, they come back to the talks really energized and ready to sit and listen.  It's a simple scheduling change that saves time, makes the posters more prominent, and helps people pay more attention!

Thanks again for all the hard work this year!

Markus Covert


Also great and easy to implement -- consider them done.   We can have the posters out where the coffee is and I also love the lightening talk platform.  We will integrate this into the meeting.

Jeff Hasty